It's Finally Here!

One of the many amazing things that came out of 2020 was getting the opportunity to live out my dream and open up my very own studio. I looked high and low for a location to lease in neighboring towns and kept coming up empty handed. Since the beginning, I so badly wanted to one day be a studio photographer so that I could offer my clients so much more and have the chance to get more creative with my shoots. So I sat down with my husband and we mutually agreed that we should convert our attached garage into a studio!

At the time, we knew that I was headed into the busy fall/winter season and that I wouldn't have much time on my hands to get much accomplished. I was also homeschooling my little boy and chasing after my crazy toddler. Our plan was to start on the project in the winter once I was finished with all of my sessions, and have it ready by Spring to open up for bookings. However, the excitement got the best of us and we went ahead and placed the order at Lowes for all of the supplies. By August, we were hard at work tearing everything out, putting up new walls, and building my dream studio. (You can see a lot of the progress shots on Instagram in the Studio Highlights tab). Fast forward to one month later, and it was complete! My amazing husband did the entire project by himself and I could not be more proud of him. I like to think of it as his "Labor of Love." Ya know, kind of like Noah building the dream house for Allie in the Notebook.

What's my style?

Two of the major things I really wanted to dive into with studio photography was Newborn and a more portrait style of Maternity. Since finishing the studio, I have invested so much back into my business by investing in top of the line newborn equipment, lighting equipment, thorough newborn training, among investing in some of the most beautiful Maternity gowns I've come across. My client closet is continuing to grow bigger everyday.

It's so important to me that I not only provide a quality client experience, but also a safe one as well. As a very Covid conscious person, the studio is set up to provide the cleanest and most safest environment for all of my clients. At this time, masks are required (one will be provided for you if you do not have one) and lots of sanitizer will be readily available. Also at this time, I am only taking one session per 24 hours so that I have ample time to deep clean the studio in between every client. These are some weird times we're living in, but I've learned to adapt so that I can keep providing my amazing clients with the best experience possible.

Where am I located?

When making the decision to have the studio where we live, I had to come to terms with the fact that I was nestled pretty deep out in the country. While it would have been more convenient having a studio closer to town, I knew I would be able to provide a more luxurious experience for my clients by having it here. I am located in Scottown, OH which is about a 30-35 minute drive from Ashland, and a 20-25 minute drive from Proctorville/Huntington. One perk of the drive is that instead of having to drive a long boring interstate or highway, you get to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful, scenic country drive to get here. Upon booking, I will be providing all of my clients with the address to the studio along with detailed directions from their location. I promise that once you get out here and see how much fun we have at your session you won't regret it one bit.

What should I expect for my session?

Depending on what type of session you book, your experience will slightly vary. However, the one thing that all of my clients can expect is a warm, welcoming, laid back environment upon arrival. I will always, without fail, have some sort of music playing. For newborns, I like to have a playlist going of soft, relaxing tunes to keep the studio nice and peaceful. The studio will be dark (outside of my lighting setup) and I will have it fairly warm to keep the sweet little babe comfortable. I know it's hard for new parents, but I will alway encourage them to sit back and just relax throughout the session. Heck, take a nap if you want to! Rest assured that safety is my number one priority for your newest bundle of joy and that they are in the best of hands.

For the Kiddos, I will have an age appropriate playlist going; Little baby bum for all the littles, and Kidz Bop Radio for the older kids. This helps set the tone and make everyone feel more upbeat and at ease! If you have a portrait session, be prepared for some upbeat music to get you feeling confident and in the zone. I just want everyone to have a good time when they are spending time in the studio and I want it to be a place that everyone wants to come back to. So, what are you waiting for?? Book that session you've been going back and forth about!